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Summer candles

Are you the type of person that burns candles all year round?

At Run with Wolves there isn't a day that goes by without lighting a candle. In the summer months my absolute go to candle is Citrus Sunset. Sat out on those late summers eves watching the sun going down over the mountains of North Wales, candle flickering in the background and the birds tweeting is definitely on of those moments I look forward too.

Citrus Sunset is a beautiful blend of may chang and citronella organic essential oils; the may chang is fresh and zesty, it reminds me of lemon sherbets! The citronella is an amazing natural, non harmful insect repellent, which during the summer months couldn't be more welcome.

Citronella works by giving off a scent which masks others therefore making it harder for the little beasties to find what they want to bite (us) and repels them away. Here at Run with Wolves we do love all animals but would rather then didn't have us for their evening meal!

Citrus Sunset is available for a limited time only

As this is the summer candle Citrus Sunset is available from April - September, I absolutely love burning it all year round so save lots for the winter months too. It can be burnt indoors as well as outdoors giving your space lots of summer vibes even on those rainy summer days.

Citrus Sunset comes in a 250ml aluminium tin, this is a little outdoor twist on the usual amber glass jars. The thought behind this change is an aluminium tin is much easier and safer to transport than a glass jar, this allows you to take Citrus Sunset anywhere! Each candle has a burn time of around 60 hours, thats lots of summer evenings relaxing in an outdoor space.

Each candle is topped with sunflower petals, this seemed very fitting given the vive of the candle. All of the dried flowers I use in the collection are grown locally to North Wales and are dried either by myself or again, from local sources.

I hope you are enjoying the summer so far, in North Wales its been mixed to say the least! If you are burning Citrus Sunset or any of the candles in the collection don't forget to tag them on social media, I absolutely love seeing your posts. On that note I think its time to head out into the garden to watch the sunset with a couple of Citrus Sunsets burning, have a lovely evening.



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