about run with wolves

Run with Wolves began in the December of 2017.

Born out of a desire to bring sustainable living into the home through products inspired by nature. 


Run with Wolves is on a mission to promote sustainable living for a better planet; bringing natural, vegan-friendly products into everyday homes.

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Our Founder

Jane’s sustainable journey began around 10 years ago when she made the decision to go Vegan. Her love for animals and the planet inspired her to consider her entire environmental impact and start making conscious choices for a more sustainable future.


Skip a few years and Run with Wolves was created. In December 2017, Jane decided to hand make low-waste, sustainable Christmas gifts for friends and family and the first candle was poured.


Jane’s continuing her mission for a more sustainable planet by designing products inspired by nature for more ethical living.


Sustainable living, inspired by nature, hand crafted in Wales. 

Plastic-free Packaging

Run with Wolves is a plastic free ‘circular’ company; each item is packaged using sustainably sourced, recyclable materials. From the candle jars that can be re-filled or re-used to the natural ink used to print the labels.


Each and every element of a Run with wolves product has been considered and carefully selected for the good of the planet. 

looking TO stock RUN WITH WOLVES?

We already work with a number of suppliers, from yoga studios to boutique gift stores. We love to partner with suppliers that share our values and the love for our planet -feel free to get in touch!

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