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about run with wolves

Sustainable living inspired by nature

The Mission

Run with Wolves is on a mission to promote sustainable living

for a better planet; bringing natural, vegan-friendly, ethically

made products into everyday homes and reconnecting people

back to nature.

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how it began

My sustainable journey began around 10 years ago when I made the decision to go vegan. My love for animals and the planet inspired me to consider my entire environmental impact and start making conscious choices for a more sustainable future.


Skip a few years and Run with Wolves was created. In December 2019, I handmade zero-waste, sustainable Christmas gifts for friends and family and the first candle was poured.

I am continuing my mission for a more sustainable planet by designing and creating products inspired by nature for more ethical everyday living.

Plastic-free Packaging

Run with Wolves is a plastic free ‘circular’ company; each item is packaged using sustainably sourced, recyclable materials. From the candle jars that can be re-filled or re-used to the natural ink used to print the labels.


Each and every element of a Run with wolves product has been considered and carefully selected for the good of the planet. 

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looking TO stock RUN WITH WOLVES?

We already work with a number of suppliers, from yoga studios to zero waste shops. We love to partner with suppliers that share our values and the love for our planet -feel free to get in touch!

Thank you. We'll be in touch!

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