Trim the wick each time before lighting your candle.

This will stop the wick mushrooming and give a more even burn.

Once lit don't move your candle or place near any open windows or drafts.

This will ensure the wick stays centre to allow the candle to burn properly.

Make sure you get a full wax pool on the first burn.

Your candle will burn for much longer and stop any tunneling of the wax.

ALWAYS LEAVE A LITTLE Wax in the bottom of the jar.

Burning the candle when there is very little or no wax left can cause the glass to heat and crack.



To get the most out of your candle there are a few tips and tricks we have put together below. 

If you follow these your candle will burn perfectly and use the wax more efficiently.

Forest Scene


Each Run with Wolves candle jar is fully recyclable. You can always send the jar back to us for a re-fill (currently on hold due to the pandemic) or get creative, try up-cycling your jar; they make lovely plant holders and are a great place to store your bamboo toothbrushes, plastic free cotton buds and so much more.