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How to upcycle your candle jars!

Are you upcycling your candle jars? If the answer is no, now is the time to start! Our candle jars and any for that matter are great for a variety of upcycling projects. Below we will give you lots of possible suggestions for your jars. Its worth noting that our amber glass jars and aluminium lids are 100% recyclable if your not in the mood to get crafty (but we think you should still give it a go)!

Below are some of our favourite ways to upcycle your jars ~

They make great plant pot holders

Stationary storage

Make up brush holder

Put your loose change in them and keep by the front door

Bamboo ear bud holder

Toothbrush holders

Cotton facial rounds storage

Water pot for painting

Hair elastic jar


Use for screws, nails etc

Storage for garden bits

String/solar light jar

Jar for sowing bits

Tea light holder

Bobby pin holder

And so much more!

We do usually offer a jar return service, due to the current pandemic we have had to temporarily stop this service.

We hope to have it up and running again really soon!

Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @_runwithwolves_ with your upcycling projects, we love seeing the creative ways you use your jars!


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