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Earth day 2021

Earth Day, celebrated every year on the 22nd April, is designed to drive action on the environment and climate crisis in the world.

This years Earth Day theme is ' Restore the Earth', the three main pillars in the campaign are 'restoration, mitigation and adaptation'. Earth Day works with190+ plus countries and over 1 billion individuals to drive meaningful action for our planet across the following issues -

  • Climate action

  • Science and education

  • People and communities

  • Conservation and restoration

  • Plastic Pollution

  • Reducing meat consumption

As with everything in life change starts with action. Better yet, an action that affects the world around you. A Billion Acts of Green are happening across the planet right now, people just like you and me doing their bit for the planet and its future. So start small and go big - or start big and stay big. Either way, keep coming back, keep taking action and join the movement to change the world!

Below we have picked out two of the biggest contributors in the decline of the planets health, keep reading to find out how you can help!

What can you do to help the plastic problem?

Earth Day, is trying to change human attitudes about and behaviour toward plastics and reducing plastic pollution. The End Plastic Pollution campaign (found on helps people understand the impacts of plastic pollution on human and ecosystem health and how everyday actions can lessen the problem.

The campaign draws attention to the harmful effects of plastic in our environment — harming marine and human health, littering beaches and landscapes, clogging waste streams and landfills — and empowers people to make a difference. Increasing awareness is the first step toward making more informed decisions in our lives.

Unfortunately, single-use plastics are so prevalent that trying to avoid them can seem hopeless. That’s why the campaign also focuses on systematic problems of plastic use, including the large-scale sources of plastic.

Start reducing your plastic consumption today with these small, easy changes -

  • Ditch plastic bags for reusable ones

  • Use a reusable water bottle & coffee cup

  • Swap out plastic beauty products for more sustainable options

  • Up-cycle any single use plastic items you may have

  • Ask for no straw or take your own metal one

  • Start litter picking when you are out walking

The Climate Problem

'In nature, nothing exists alone' - Rachel Carson, 1962

Through climate change, humans have irrevocably upset the balance of nature — now, species are undergoing the greatest extinction rate in more than 60 million years. If we don’t act now, extinction may be humanity’s most enduring legacy.

All living things have an intrinsic value, and each plays a unique role in the complex web of life. The rate of extinction can still be slowed. Many of our declining, threatened and endangered species can still recover if we work together now to build a united global movement of consumers, voters, educators, faith leaders and scientists to demand immediate action.

Climate change is a multitude of varying factors, however the main contributor is animal agriculture. Food production and consumption are rapidly deteriorating the planet and what we are eating is pushing the planet to the breaking point on climate change and deforestation. Shifting to a plant-based diet and avoiding animal products relieves our planet of the burdens of animal agriculture, a huge contributor to ecological destruction.

Our food system accounts for more than a quarter of ALL greenhouse gas emissions, making animal agriculture one of the largest contributors to climate change.

Did you know that animal agriculture requires huge amounts of land and water? A single pound of beef requires 1,800 gallons of water. On top of depleting valuable resources, producing meat contributes a staggering level of greenhouse gas emissions. However, a plant based burger generates 90% less GHGs and has 99% less water impact and has 93% less impact on land use.

What we eat is important for the health of self and the planet. For your next meal, we urge you to make a climate conscious choice and go plant-based.

For more information on Earth Day and how you can help, head over to

Remember, it's not about being perfect its about you as an individual making small changes for the future of our planet and all of its inhabitants.

Happy Earth day,


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